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Raj Soren MD

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Healer Mentor and Coach

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Evgenia is a Mind-body coach, mentor and healer. Having overcome her severe CPTSD and almost completely healed her CVS (cyclical vomiting syndrome) and psoriasis, she knows first hand the frustration of wanting to perform at the highest level going after one’s vision and being unable to do so due to physical, mental and emotional struggles.

Amongst her clients are busy professionals and parents under a lot of stress, as well as ambitious people who are feeling stuck due to health conditions and the effects of past traumatic events. The results she brings for them range from increased sense of wellbeing and emotional balance to improved sleep and immune system, to better relationships at home and at work.

She works with clients 1:1 and her method combines coaching, mentoring, healing and bodywork (where possible). After a thorough assessment and creating a bespoke strategy, she guides her clients to reconnect with their amazing bodies gently and powerfully, so they understand themselves better and learn to create that much needed balance inside and out.

Evgenia is most active on Facebook and LinkedIn so you can connect with her there or join her mailing list to learn about the amazing body-mind phenomenon that you are and make the most of it!

Born with no 3D vision, raised through 17 years of martial arts, and with over a decade of experience in the corporate pharmaceutical sector, Natalie combines intellect, curiosity, and determination into her coaching. 

My coaching 'style'

​I am qualified in the transformational coaching approach – a powerful combination of the psychological, humanistic, integrative, and holistic principles of coaching. As we work I will weave these core principles in with evidenced-based neuroscience and tools from positive psychology to assist you in finding your path and knowing how you wish to walk it.

Whom do I work with?

​I love that we are each born as one of a kind, impossible to replicate fully. Despite the fact that only 4 proteins shape us all, we in the entirety of our life experience, imagination, and legacy, will never be repeated. For this reason, I aim to keep my work as bespoke as possible. I work with individuals, small teams and for events such as firewalks or empowerment sessions I also work with larger corporate clients.  Sessions are tailored to exploring your needs, values, and deep-set paradigms to see what is serving you, what is integral to you, and what is holding you back. 

What led me here?

Several decades ago, a shy, timid but curious 15-year-old girl first stepped into a Dojo (place of finding the way/ training room) and onto the Tatami (training mats). That girl, me, had thought Jiu-Jitsu would teach the skill of self-defense. What it gave me was a way of thinking and being that has shaped my life both on off the Tatami in more ways than I can count. Martial arts training engrained the importance of connection, community, spirit, mindset, self-awareness & regulation, how to befriend and train with my fear, and how to reshape failure into an opportunity to learn and grow. Before I had even really begun my professional career, teaching Jiu-Jitsu had shown me how humbling, challenging, and rewarding leading others can be. 

These lessons combined with over 12 years in the pharmaceutical industry, have convinced me of the power of our minds to create our realities. And, perhaps crucially, armed me with the scientific evidence for how such things are possible. 

(Well.... for the most part anyway. We still really can't explain most of the placebo effect! But we have irrefutable evidence that your mind can and will heal and re-shape your body!) Along the way, I have also benefited from many different coaches, some informally on the tatami, some formally in work. Every time I have experienced deep learnings that have allowed me to evolve exponentially. I want to be part of sharing all of these lessons with others. My mission is to help create happy healthy humans (HHH), so that we can live consciously, fulfilled, and inspired lives. Just imagine what we could achieve together if all our energy was focused on what we do want, rather than what we don't?


Sonia Richards


Sonia began her career as a Biomedical Scientist in Pathology and Genetics. Whilst researching non-pharmaceutical approaches to treating pain during  her BSc dissertation, she discovered the use of acupuncture, hypnosis, aromatherapy and reflexology, eventually training in the latter three. 

After gaining her MSc, she became a trainer and assessor for the Institute of Biomedical Sciences plus a visiting University lecturer in Biomedical Sciences. Sonia helped introduce HypnoBirthing® into the UK and  became a trainer and visiting lecturer in HypnoBirthing®. 

Her therapeutic skills are extremely diverse in the mind-body therapeutic fields. She has written the only book available on Integral Eye Movement Techniques and was the first International Chair of the Association for IEMT Practitioners. She also enjoys writing short stories with her next project being a novel and has been a singer of various genres of music for many years. Sonia’s approaches to all aspects of her work are empathy with directness, honesty, and humour. Oh and of course some music.